3M™ Certified Platinum Window Film Dealer

Our 3M Window Films provide energy savings, privacy, glare reduction, fade protection and come in a variety of shades and colors to give any project an upscale, contemporary appearance. 


Lower Energy Costs

Several of our window films reflect up to 80% of the sun's heat from entering through the glass. This can cause a dramatic lowering of air-conditioning costs. In the winter, the same protective film can prevent desirable indoor heat from escaping through the glass. The more windows you have in your home, the greater the benefit! The decrease in heat from your window film can also drastically reduce the cost of your electric bill– by as much as 40%.  

Glare Reduction

Along with heat reduction, window film can also block glare from entering your home. Annoying glare can make things like watching TV or talking to a family member a huge effort.  Adding tint to your home's windows can provide protection against glare without darkening your home.

Reduce Dangerous Ultraviolet Ray Exposure

Ultraviolet rays (UVR) are sneaky. They can bounce off water and sand - they can even penetrate glass. Even brief daily UV exposures can accelerate skin aging and multiply the risk of cancer. Residential films come in varied tints, and like automotive film, they block out up to 99.9% of UVR. In addition, the film can be a lifesaver for people with diseases involving dangerous photosensitivity, such as xeroderma pigmentosum and lupus.

Front Door Privacy

Film Options:

3M Night Vision 15 - Privacy

3M Opaque White - Max Privacy

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